Smoked Tuna Dip $9.95

Creamy smoked tuna served on a bed of lettuce with cherry tomatoes and captain’s wafers.

Key Largo Shrimp $9.95

Shrimp boiled in a robust mixture of Caribbean and Florida spices, served chilled with cocktail sauce.

Macho Nachos $6.95

Tortilla chips topped with seasoned ground beef, sharp Jalapeño Queso sauce, salsa, shredded lettuce, and a dollop of sour cream.

Fried Pickle Chips $6.95

dill pickles breaded in our special blend of seasoned flour and fried to perfection. Served with ranch dressing.

Chips and Dip $6.95

tortilla chips, prepared in house, served with your choice of Caribbean Salsa or Jalapeño Queso sauce. Have both for $9.95.

Calamari $9.95

hand-cut calamari, lightly breaded in our special blend of seasoned flour, fried to perfection and dusted with parmesan cheese. Served with marinara sauce.

St. Thomas Hot Pops $8.95

plump shrimp breaded in our special blend of seasoned flour, flash fried and topped with our St. Thomas Boom-Boom sauce.


Toasted, cheese-filled tortilla, served with salsa, guacamole and sour cream. Jalapeños available upon request. tender marinated chicken. $10.95 seasoned grilled shrimp. $11.95

Flash Fried Fish Fingers $7.95

white, flakey, hand-cut fish breaded in our special blend of seasoned flour and flash fried to a golden brown. Served with our homemade oar sauce.

Hushpuppies $5.95

homemade hushpuppies served with a creamy Jalapeno cheese sauce.

Chicken Wings $9.95

ten of the most flavorful wings in town. pick from three different styles: buffalo style served with blue cheese, thai chili style served with homemade cool cusabi sauce, or naked style.


Red Beans & Rice Cup- $4.95 Bowl- $5.95

red beans cooked with smoked shanks and smoked sausage, onions, celery, and Cajun spices. Topped with rice.

Crawfish Etouffée Cup- $4.95 Bowl- $6.95

made with a delicious blend of onions, green peppers, celery, spices, and crawfish. Topped with rice.

Seafood Gumbo Cup- $4.95 Bowl- $6.95

Fresh and delicious seafood in the Oar House’s award winning gumbo. Topped with rice.

Oar Salad Little- $6.95 Big- $8.95

a blend of fresh mixed greens. Served with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, Bermuda onion, and shredded cheese blend. You can also top your salad with your choice of Grilled or Blackened:

Fish $4.00
Shrimp $5.00
Chicken Breast $4.00
Mahi-Mahi $6.00
Smoked Tuna dip $5.00
Ahi Tuna $7.00
Sauteed Crab Cake $6.00

Jezebel Salad $11.95

a blend of fresh mixed greens. Served with shrimp, toasted almonds, mandarin oranges, feta cheese, and red onions. Served with a Caribbean mango Vinaigrette.

Soup & Salad $7.95

if you cannot decide then enjoy both; a nice cup of soup and a small oar salad.




Served with a pickle spear & french fries
Served with a pickle spear & french fries

1/2 LB. Black Angus Beef $9.95

hand-pattied and chargrilled, served on a Brioche roll with lettuce, tomato, onion, and two toppings of your choice.

Topping choices: Cheese (american, swiss, cheddar, pepperjack, provolone), grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, Jalapeño peppers, Bacon.
Additional toppings .75 cents each.
Forklift style for $2.00 or dirty (Crawfish Étouffée) on top for $2.00

Fish, Shrimp, or Oyster

you can have either fish, shrimp or Oysters lightly breaded and fried to a golden brown. Served on a toasted po-boy roll with shredded lettuce and fresh sliced tomatoes. Comes with a side of oar sauce.
Fish- $9.95 Shrimp- $11.95 Oyster- Market Price

Grilled Fish, Grilled Mahi-Mahi, Grilled Shrimp

Two soft tacos served with homemade baja sauce, coleslaw, salsa, and homemade black eyed peas.
Grilled Fish- $10.95 Grilled Mahi-Mahi- $12.95 Grilled Shrimp- $11.95


Served with a pickle spear & french fries

The Fork Lift $10.95

Blackened fish filet, cooked to perfection and topped with provolone cheese, sautéed mushrooms, onions, and pepper medley. Served on a Brioche roll.

French Dip $10.95

Slow roasted top round of beef, cooked in-house and sliced thin. Heated in our homemade au-jus piled high on a po-boy roll, topped with Swiss cheese and served with au-jus for dunking.


Chargrilled Black Angus Beef

"Best Steaks in Pensacola” is what other restaurant owners have called this beef. We only buy the finest, aged beef and hand-cut each steak. Served with a side salad, mash potatoes and garlic green beans, finished with a light demi-glaze.
Filet mignon $25.95 Sirloin $15.95

Blackened Mahi-Mahi $16.95

Lightly blackened mahi-mahi filet, topped with your choice of Citrus beurre blancor Thai chili sauce and served with rice, seasonal veggies, hushpuppies and cole slaw.

Ahi Tuna Platter $19.95

grilled or blackened ahi tuna cooked to desired temperature. Topped with your choice of balsamic BBQ or a soy wasabi reduction and served with rice, seasonal veggies, hushpuppies and cole slaw.

Grilled Shrimp Platter $17.95

one dozen grilled shrimp basted with garlic butter, with your choice of Citrus beurre blanc or Thai chili sauce, served with rice, seasonal veggies, hushpuppies and cole slaw.

Award Winning Crab Cakes $19.95

handmade with premium lump crab meat. We sautée two of our delicate cakes to ensure the perfect flavor, served with rice, seasonal veggies, hushpuppies and cole slaw.

Jezebel's Famous Shrimp & Grits $14.95

sautéed shrimp and fresh vegetables tossed in a rich Cajun sauce, served on top of a generous helping of our creamy cheese grits.

Jezebel's Grill $11.95

your choice of grilled or blackened, chicken, fish, shrimp, or a crab cake. Served with rice, seasonal veggies, and hushpuppies.

Jezebel's Flash Fried Fish & Chips $15.95

a generous portion of tender fish and French Fries. Served with hushpuppies.

Jezebel's Flash Fried Baskets

your choice of fresh shrimp, oysters, chicken, or fish and shrimp combo. Served with French Fries or cheese grits, hushpuppies and coleslaw.
Shrimp $16.95 Fish and Shrimp $17.95
Chicken $13.95 Oysters Market Price

Five Flags Jack Platter $20.95

large helping of fish, shrimp and oysters, breaded and flash fried, served with french fries or cheese grits, hushpuppies and coleslaw.


Kid’s choices are served with French Fries or cheese grits and a drink. For kids under 10 years of age and big kids over 65!
All Kid's meals are $4.95


Fish Fingers

Chicken Fingers

Grilled Cheese

Popcorn Shrimp

Fried Mac 'n Cheese Bites


All sides are $2.95

Sauteed Vegetables

Garlic Green Beans

Side Salad


Garlic Green Beans

French Fries

Cheese Grits



Key Lime Pie $4.95

the tart flavor of key limes, blended cream,and graham cracker crust.

Brownie $5.95

homemade white chocolate and fudge brownie, topped with ice cream and fudge sauce.

Dessert of the Day

please ask your server what special our chef came up with for today.